KATHY KILLIP DESIGNS are expressions from the heart embracing nature, pattern, texture and color to share virtues, spiritual bonds, & a gentle sensitivity for life. Kathy works as a designer/stylist for the gift, home décor, holiday and tabletop industry. She has over 40 years experience as a commercial designer in the card, party, gift, floral and home categories. A multi-talented artist, Kathy styles transcends all categories as a natural, yet elegant, sometimes folk art interpretation of beautiful color, interesting texture and patterns, and sensitive study of the beauty found in nature.

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KILLIP & DEVINE DESIGNS are fresh, innovative designs for gift, home, holiday & tabletop in classic, contemporary, whimsy, traditional & natural styles. Killip and Devine share collaborative designing for the gift and home décor industry.
‘Their “art” is a gift that they cherish everyday as they become inspired and fulfill their passion to create’. Tammany Devine’s exquisite drawings combined with Kathy Killip’s beautiful sense of color, design talent and her knowledge of working on the computer combine to create breathtaking patterns.